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  • You do not have to go over 25 knots all the time even if you can. She nicely cruises around 8 knots.
    Left turn at about 15 knots.
    She just started making left turn after 28 knots straight run. You can see how effective the spray-rails at the chine are. Spray-rails were fitted after the launch.
    Turning at about18 knots. It is quite exciting to feel the back of the boat slide sideway hard like a jet craft (PWC).

    She is not a traditional working tug boat at all. She can run hard at 29 knots in the choppy sea. When she hits bigger waves, you may feel a good shock and hear a big noise inside the pilot house. No worries, the boat is well built and sturdy.
    Running through the swell at 29 knots. It is hard driving of course, but you will reach in an ecstasy of delight.
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